About Me

Having had my first exposure to practical skills as a child, watching my Father busily making or fixing something in his garage or shed most evenings, I had designs on becoming a Blacksmith. However my career path took me on a different course and into the Army. From the Army and another direction into haulage. I always felt trapped inside the same four walls every day, since leaving the Army, wistfully watching tradesmen going about their jobs and varied working environments. Meanwhile I was getting  personal satisfaction doing up the properties we lived in, but equally feeling frustrated when I was too busy to do these jobs myself. I was then having to get someone in to do these jobs as having young family took over most of my spare time outside of the workplace. In the Autumn of 2017, I took the bold decision to walk away from the corporate world and here I am today, doing what I used to get others to do for me as I had no time. I am getting real job satisfaction, providing a service to customers who are either unable to, or are perfectly capable, but like me had no time  to do these jobs themselves. I am an engaging person and love that this job brings me into direct contact with so many diverse people, with such a range of requests. In today's busy life, where work life balance is a tough juggling act, give yourself a break and ask me to take the heat off those jobs you keep looking at, but just don't get  the time to do.



My Great Grandfather was a Wheelwright in the 1st World War, and my Father worked with him as a boy, so I guess that is where my desire to make something practical from raw a material comes from. There is so much satisfaction when you have made something for someone that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Interior & Exterior Decor


Sometimes, a freshen up and a revamp of decor can be enough to make a room feel brand new again. This can be a way to update a tired theme, giving quick results. The market now has an expansive scope of classy colour tones to suit all tastes and styles and also produce them in Eco Friendly  products. Whilst I am not an interior designer, I know what works and what doesn't and am happy to offer feedback on colour choices and schemes. I love the transformation that can be achieved and can produce a new backdrop for furniture, showing pieces off in a whole new light.

Kitchen Fitting


As the hub of any house, the kitchen is probably the most important room these days. With more and more of us breaking into open plan living, it is no longer tucked away  with food appearing through the 1970's hatch, but is very much a part of the whole living and entertaining space. It is very much the showcase of your house. I am able to put you in touch with kitchen designers and subsequently fit or am happy to fit only, should you already have a kitchen and plans in place.