Bespoke coat and shoe cupboard, utilising dormant alcove just inside the front door.

Bespoke Carpentry

Woodworking is my first love. Working  to produce bespoke solutions for customers, with the ability to adapt each project to the individual requirements of each client is so rewarding, when 'off the shelf' just doesn't fit the bill.

Rotten legs and bolsters replaced on this stylish porch canopy.

Maintenance & Repair

"A stitch in time saves nine", however sometimes we just don't get round to booking someone for what could have been a minor maintenance project. The legs on this porch had suffered from wet rot which meant quite major repair by the time I was asked to take a look at them.

interior decor

Interior & Exterior Decor

As with general maintenance, keeping your exterior paintwork in check helps protect the integrity of the property and preventing further damage to the elements. Interiors are more about a ' freshen up' or a re-style, but can be a relatively inexpensive way to make you feel good about your home again. Whilst I am not an interior designer, I do have a passion for all things that promote a style & class, and can always be found with my head in a magazine or looking at ideas and inspiration on the internet.

Garden Projects

decking, pergolas, garden structures, outdoor living

Decking and Pergolas to extend that living space.

Commercial Decor & Refurbishment

commercial decor

Revamp Business Space.

General Handyman

Garden buildings, summer house, man cave

Many Other jobs covered & no job too small, indoor or outdoor.